Geometry Studio and Consultancy


Geometry Consulting

Current digital design techniques make it possible to visualize, model, and build an incredible variety of forms. Supporting these developments, however, are a number of technical branches of mathematics and physics, including discrete differential geometry, topology, and finite element analysis. Although some of this technical knowledge is prepackaged in 3d modelling applications, simulation engines, and rendering software, it is often challenging to understand and manipulate the core concepts that these programs offer. In response, digital designers are reaching out to experts in these fields to develop customized solutions that give their products and services an edge in this highly competitive market. As a result, MESH offers expertise in mathematics, computation, and optimization  in order to effectively inform the design process with rationalized facade systems, optimized structural systems, and custom plugin development at every stage of project delivery.

Geometry consulting applies cutting edge rationalization techniques, non-linear optimization routines, and construction aware design principles to geometrically complex projects. The results are often profound. Experience significant decreases in cost, waste, material usage, while at the same time maintaining bespoke design intent. Specific examples include:

  • Achieving economies of scale via element repetition
  • Planarity of glass panels in freeform designs
  • Mesh fairness and smoothness optimization
  • Early embedding and parametrization of fabrication constraints
  • Concept development through geometrical studies

Software Development

We build geometric software.

In fact, we do this so much, we made software that builds geometric software. That's IOGRAM, a CAD software authoring tool that makes customizing CAD software easy and fast.

We use IOGRAM to deliver many of our own projects, but you can also use it to build your own software. Find more details here.

We speak C++, C#, Rhino/Grasshopper, Unity, Urho3D, and a whole lot more. Contact us to find out how we can make your next geometric software project a reality.


Got a geometric problem you don't know how to solve? Maybe we can help! 

We have expertise in the areas of

  • discrete geometry
  • discrete differential geometry
  • algorithms for CAD
  • architectural geometry
  • graph theory
  • shape modelling
  • mesh processing
  • algorithm efficiency